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ATIBOX Entry Statistics by Classes, by Countries 16/05/2013

Entry closed

Dog’s data

Best in Show:

Atibox dinner
Please register only by the first dog entry to avoid double reservation!
Time: 2013.05.18. 19.00
Location: Újtanyacsárda
Price: 32 EURO

Breeder’s data

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Billing data

Entry fees:

Baby, Puppy, Veteran class: 40 EURO
Youth, Young, Intermediate, Open, Working, Champion class: 60 EURO
Breeding group, Progeny group, Couple: 30 EURO
Parade of Champions: 5 EURO

Total price 0 EURO

Entry deadline: 30. May 2013.

Transfer payment

ENTRIES will be accepted if we receive the payment.

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Advertising exposure:

It is possible to place an A/5 black and white or colour advertisement in the ATIBOX exhibition catalogue,
Black and white advertisement which costs 30 EUR, half page price is 15 EUR.
Colour advertisement costs 50 EUR, half page price is 25 EUR.
Please submit the documents ready for print.

The deadline for the submission of the advertisement and its payment: 30. May 2013

Please send the advertisements to:

General provisions:

The show is held under the FCI and MEOE show regulations. Only dogs registered with the stud books recognised by the FCI can enter the show. A receipt of an application will be confirmed 10 days prior to the show in writing. Imported dogs of Hungary owners must be registered with the HBK stud books. Applications lacking any necessary document (a copy of the International working certificate for the working class, a copy of the Championship certificate for the champion class ) will be automatically entered into the open class without notifying owners.

Veterrinary regulations:

Dogs from abroad must have a PET PASSPORT with valid vaccinations.

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